Sunday, August 22, 2010

The East Van Sound Bike - Freestyle Machine First Run

Its complete.

I need to get the full technical specs soon. but for now, understand that it is

1 Full Mixer (the very old one donated by Woodhead) used at 121 Heatley Studios
2 custom jel pack batteries
1 rental bass-high combo speaker
2 mics!! (with potential for 4 mics)
Bike trailer
Bike Kickstand
flashy LED's for specular effectations

We rolled to Victoria Park for our first outdoor jam. on the way we blasted Cypress Hill and KRS ONE--everyone we passed on bikes gave us BIG UPS!!!

At the park we jammed for an hour or so. we were on the mics rocking the playground. there were was an interesting assortment of people there. in one of the pics there is a guy in a grey hoodie and red flip flops. he stepped up to the mic and drunkenly threw down some okay lyrics. also, one of the kids pictured contributed a beat to rhyme over (from his iphone).

I am not pictured in these. we need a camera crew.
Also, recordings are on the horizon. will post here asap.

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